Turns out Donald Trump has been ghost-tweeting for Melania for quite some time

Earlier this week, just as Melania Trump’s vanishing act was becoming a major controversy, a new tweet appeared on her account which was obviously not written by her. It was a rude attack on the media which sounded like it had been written by Donald Trump. The next morning Donald gave himself away by using the exact same key phrase in one of his own tweets. It was clear that Donald was ghost-tweeting on Melania’s account, making her disappearance even more suspicious. Now it turns out he’s been ghost-tweeting for her for quite some time.

Back on October 18th of 2013, when fewer people were paying attention to Donald Trump, and almost no one was paying attention to Melania Trump, an odd exchange took place on Twitter – and it’s just been dug up and highlighted by various Twitter users. Donald tweeted “I love watching the dishonest writers at New York Magazine suffer the magazine’s failure.” In response, Daily Show writer and New York Magazine columnist tweeted “Your wife is waiting for you to die.” Melania then responded with this tweet: “Only a dumb “animal” would say that! You should be fired from your failing magazine!”

The timing itself is off. Even though Melania Trump has historically only tweeted on occasion, this entire exchange took place within a period of about an hour and a half. What are the odds that Melania, who is very rarely on Twitter, just happened to be on Twitter and monitoring the replies to Donald’s tweet, at the time the reporter replied to Donald with the comment about her? But the real giveaway is that Melania’s tweet is written in Donald’s exact style, from accusing a news outlet of failing, to calling the reporter an animal, to putting the word “animal” in quotation marks for no reason.

Here’s a screen capture, in case Donald gets wise and deletes these tweets. Note the blue checkmarks which confirm that these are in fact their real accounts. Also note that, at the time, Melania was still tweeting from her official verified @MelaniaTrump account, before she switched over to the @FLOTUS account in January of 2017:

In other words, Donald Trump used Melania Trump’s Twitter account to fire back at a reporter who had invoked her name. This was nearly five years ago. How long has Donald been impersonating Melania on Twitter in order to further his ends? How many of her tweets has he written and posted since taking office? No wonder he felt so comfortable tweeting on her behalf this week; he’s done it before. Where is she?

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