Donald Trump makes bizarre White House confession

When a reporter accuses Donald Trump’s White House of being a panicked and chaotic mess, and Trump responds to the report by yelling “fake news” and frantically invoking words spelled in all capital letters, it speaks for itself. But during Trump’s meltdown, he made a particularly bizarre admission about his White House being a ghost town.

Here’s what Trump let slip during his tirade: “In fact, there’s almost nobody in the W.H. but me, and I do have a plan on the Shutdown.” He then went on to reveal that he absolutely does not have a plan. And why admit there’s no one in the White House but him? Sure, it’s the weekend, and it’s in the midst of a government shutdown. But most people are going to interpret this as an acknowledgment that most of Trump’s top people have resigned in protest, or been fired in scandal, and most of them have not been replaced.

This comes just a couple weeks after Donald Trump famously tweeted “I am all alone (poor me) in the White House.” This is just weird, and it keeps getting weirder. Trump really, really, really, wants us to know that he’s alone in the White House, at a time when he’s increasingly in danger of being ousted from the White House.