Donald Trump goes on bizarre bender about Ghislaine Maxwell during catastrophic press conference

By the time Donald Trump had finished stumbling through a prepared opening statement, we didn’t think his press briefing today could get much worse. After all, he sounded totally confused and barely there, as if he’d been ingesting far too much Lysol. But then Trump started taking questions, and the whole thing turned into a total meltdown – particularly when Ghislaine Maxwell’s name came up.

For some reason a reporter asked Donald Trump whether he expected Jeffrey Epstein’s recently arrested associate Ghislaine Maxwell to rat out people like Prince Andrew. Trump responded by claiming that he hasn’t been following the Maxwell story, but that “I just wish her well, frankly.” He then rambled about Palm Beach for awhile, before repeating his assertion that “I wish her well, whatever it is.”


To be clear, Ghislaine Maxwell has been criminally charged for conspiring to help Jeffrey Epstein in the rape of underage girls. Why would Donald Trump be wishing her well? That’s a completely insane thing to say under the circumstances. It’s clear that Trump has no idea what to make of the Epstein-Maxwell mess, and that he’s concerned about where it might be headed.

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