Geraldo Rivera goes completely bonkers with bizarre defense of Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell

When Donald Trump offered well wishes yesterday to Ghislaine Maxwell, it set off a firestorm among the general public. Why was Trump trying to curry favor with a recently arrested alleged sex trafficker? What does she have on him, and just how afraid is he that she’ll give it up in exchange for a plea deal?

Then there’s Geraldo Rivera, who had an – ahem – different response to Trump’s words than everyone else did:


What? Why? This is the second time in the past week that Geraldo has doubled down on defending Ghislaine Maxwell. Last time he insisted the evidence was weak (it isn’t). This time he’s insisting that the crimes don’t matter because they happened a long time ago (that shouldn’t matter in this kind of crime).


Is Geraldo just trying to stir up absurd controversy in the hope of keeping his long-fading career alive? Or does Geraldo, like Donald Trump, have a specific reason for trying to remain on Ghislaine Maxwell’s good side? This is as suspicious as it is ugly.

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