George Santos melts down on live television

We’ve always known that there was something profoundly and truly wrong with George Santos. It isn’t just lying. It is the apparent delight he takes in lying, the hunger for the cameras, and the utter indifference he shows to right and wrong. Santos is the type that inherently sparks a creepy feeling, a need to take a shower to wash off the sleaze.

In ancient Egypt, in the days of Pharaohs and royalty, of spoiled courtiers and endless betrayals, Santos would have been one of the biggest betrayers. He shows no loyalty to anyone. Look at his eyes sometime. Listen to his voice when he speaks and note the indolent arrogance in it.

That arrogance was present in Santos’s interview with One America News Network. One would think Santos would sail through said interview with flying colors since OANN is such a conservative network. He did not.

The interviewer, Caitlin Sinclair, poked and prodded him with her questions. Santos became very defensive — alarmingly so. Listen to the tone of the voice. Listen to the unchained arrogance.

“What I might have done during the campaign does not reflect what is being done in the office.” Pardon me?? Sinclair saw it. And she actually called him on it. “You seem angry,” she said. Santos said he was not angry, while his voice and body language clearly stated otherwise. Then Sinclair asked if he was sorry.

Santos’s anger started to boil over — slowly though and almost imperceptible at first. “If you want to compare emotions, people show emotions differently,” Santos said testily. “I don’t know what looking sorry looks like to you, Caitlyn,” he added.

Any psychologist would have watched in expectant silence, knowing it was coming — that haughtier, those delusions of grandeur- they were pushing upward in his psyche, they were struggling to release themselves.

And then it came — the complaining laced with an attitude of “how DARE you question me.” Santos said seethingly “it’s horrible” — just awful — he’s being “spoken down to” by the media.

You see it, don’t you? The rage at having to answer for his lies. It always comes out in these types of people. It’s a tidal wave, and they’re far too arrogant to keep themselves in check for long. In closing — I’m giving it a few months, if that. This man cannot exist in congress, for he is a dark force, too strange and disturbed even for the republican house.