George Santos may be about to make 2024 even more of a mess for House Republicans

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Much to the horror of many republicans, George Santos is mulling over a 2024 run. Of course, he said he would NOT run again. But this is George Santos we’re talking about. He appears to have lied. Big shocker.

And reportedly, Santos is contemplating something else. And that is staying in office even if he is indicted. “Let me be very clear, I’m not leaving, I’m not hiding, and I am NOT backing down” tweeted Santos, who chose to capitalize the word “not.”

And this is becoming a problem for republicans. They’re already at a loss on how to stop Donald trump from bringing their entire party down. Now they have to worry about a “catch me if you can” replica who won’t stop struggling to be the face of the party.

And now it’s being reported that some republicans are starting to cast their eyes around for a challenger to Santos in 2024. They’re doing that because they’re horrified by Santos, although they’re way too cowardly to say that out loud.

Now one thing I know is that Santos will not be elected in 2024. As I’ve said, he won’t last that long, in all probability. But that doesn’t mean Santos isn’t damaging the GOP brand. Every moment he stays in office, whenever he says something stupid (and that’s a lot), he hurts the GOP brand just a wee bit more. And the GOP can do nothing.

People like Santos and trump are a threat to the GOP because they don’t give a damn about anything except their own egos. They’re like black widow spiders who won’t stop crawling around, spinning creepy webs, and completely obliterating any fragile hope of the republican party to get the voting public to take them seriously.

So it stands to reason they would try to oust Santos in 2024. But there is one thing they could do — right now — that would wash this whole spidery mess away. They could denounce George Santos. They could solemnly apologize to the American people for the mess they have brought on them.

They could demand that George Santos leave congress and even hold a vote to expel him from congress. In other words — they could act like damn adults. Adults take responsibility for their actions, step up and problem-solve. That’s what personal growth is all about.

But the GOP are flies caught in the slithery webs of the spiders. Their fear dooms them. They are the NON-ADULTS in the room. And it is this stubborn childishness that will undo them. So really, it isn’t the fault of Santos or trump that the GOP is a failing party. It is their adulthood — or lack thereof.

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