George Santos just made his most delusional move yet

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Lies. George Santos. Those two things do seem to go hand in hand, do they not? Santos (liar, insurrection party, who REALLY knows where he’s from) has just lied again — and it’s a doozy. Santos has filed paperwork that will allow him to run for reelection.

But — but – but — he said he wouldn’t run again! He lied. Lying is the one skill, the one thing that George Santos — assuming that’s his name — is good at. Now — I predicted Santos would not finish his first term some time ago, and I stand by that. But even if a miracle happens for him, and he does — no way he will be reelected.

But Santos, who lies to the American people daily, likely lies to himself as well. Because I believe he has fooled himself into thinking he might have a chance. He does not. Liars don’t see reality, especially when their lying comes with a healthy dose of delusions of grandeur. Usually, what people such as Santos see is — themselves. Over and over again, through their looking glasses of lies, they see themselves.

And the selves they see are usually burnished in gold, with applause and glory in the background as, in their blinded state, they dream about fantastical moments that will never arrive.

The symbol of Santos is Narcissus, the beautiful but doomed youth who spent his life gazing down into the water at his own reflection. Oscar Wilde wrote about this doomed youth in a short story, The Disciple.

And George Santos is not unlike this child-like Narcissist — they have much in common. Santos has also, in a very laughable action, called for cognitive tests for president Biden. Santos seems to me to be trying to be taken seriously. If so, he is doomed.

He is under investigation, he is still the punchline of Congress, and he is alone. It continues to be an embarrassment that this person represents the American people, but I believe it won’t be much longer. And — once again — the republican party, stands mute unable to denounce the silly boy and his delusional dreams.

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