George Santos just made a whole new mess for himself

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Laughing stock George Santos has decided he may as well aim for more indictments.

Late Friday afternoon, a mysterious filing was made. This filing was from George Santos.

For months now, there has been puzzlement over who the treasurer of his political campaign is. Some have even suggested that the person Santos named as treasurer does not exist. This would likely not surprise anyone because — well — because it’s George Santos.

But on Friday, Santos removed the “treasurer’s name — and put his own name.

That’s right. George Santos named himself as the treasurer of his own campaign.

Now the person who Santos had originally named treasurer is supposedly named Andrew Olson. However, nobody could find him. And this was important because political committees can’t legally raise money if they do not have a treasurer.

So Santos decided to make himself treasurer. This utterly stupid move will likely have significant consequences for the pathological liar.

Santos’s ego just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Last week he bizarrely compared himself to Lady Diana. He had also recently declared nobody would EVER force HIM to resign.

These attempts to play tough guy are not doing Santos any good and are making him look like a crook, a liar, an idiot and a creep — all of which he is.

And now Santos has virtually no support except for his faithful water-bearer Kevin McCarthy, who needs his vote. This whole thing is like a Saturday Night Live skit gone awry.

I have a feeling there will be more charges for Mr. Santos. And the longer he stays in Congress, the more time goes by with him being expelled, the more foolish Kevin McCarthy and his posse of freaks look.

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