General Michael Hayden unloads on Donald Trump and his “asshole” Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

Retired Air Force General and former CIA Director Michael Hayden has long been a critic of Donald Trump. But now that Trump has committed the sin of ordering troops to tear gas peaceful protesters across the street from the White House, Hayden isn’t remotely holding back in his criticism.

Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who participated in the church photo op after Trump had troops attack the protesters, is now trying to weasel his way out of it. He’s telling NBC News that he didn’t even know they were going to the church, and that Trump told him they were going to a bathroom instead.

Esper is a longtime lobbyist who’s in way over his head. General Hayden pointed this out this evening by retweeting the Esper story, and adding “He’s an asshole. It’s hard to get help, isn’t it.”


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