General Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff drops the hammer on Michael Flynn

General Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, Col. Wilkerson, is now urging the U.S. military to recall Michael Flynn and put him on military trial for sedition. It’s the latest reminder that Donald Trump’s pardons aren’t magic wands, and the legal pushback against Trump and his co-conspirators is just beginning. With the public this thoroughly outraged, there’s simply no way prosecutors will sit on their hands. They’ll pursue every possible method of overthrowing or working around Trump’s pardons. Bet on it.

Lost in the headlines tonight is the fact that Donald Trump pardoned one of Rand Paul’s allies, which may help explain why Rand Paul has been such a Trump cheerleader this past year. Come to think of it, Rand Paul’s vote to acquit Trump during his impeachment trial should be viewed in hindsight as a quid pro quo, and Rand Paul should be criminally prosecuted accordingly.

Tweet of the day, from Stacey Abrams:



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