Donald Trump goes completely off the deep end as Fox News turns against him

When Fox News parrots Donald Trump’s lies, it’s not for the reason that some people think. Fox is a for-profit business like every other major media outlet, and it’s making a calculation that it can get the highest ratings by airing pro-Trump propaganda. Fox knows it has to begin recalibrating its narrative once its own audience members hear Trump melting down about drinking bleach, and many of them begin to question whether he’s in some kind of cognitive collapse.

Accordingly, Fox News has been incrementally turning against Donald Trump of late. While its chief apologists like Hannity and Ingraham are as pro-Trump as ever, some of Fox’s daytime and weekend hosts are starting to make a point of backing away from Trump slowly. Again, this is all about ratings, in the face of Trump’s freefall. But Trump doesn’t like it one bit. Today he posted this bizarre meltdown:

Fox News just doesn’t get what’s happening! They are being fed Democrat talking points, and they play them without hesitation or research. They forgot that Fake News CNN & MSDNC wouldn’t let Fox News participate, even a little bit, in the poor ratings Democrat Debates. Even the Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats laughed at the Fox suggestion. No respect for the people running @Fox News. But Fox keeps on plugging to try and become politically correct. They put RINO Paul Ryan on their Board. They hire “debate questions to Crooked Hillary” fraud Donna Brazile (and others who are even worse). Chris Wallace is nastier to Republicans than even Deface the Nation or Sleepy Eyes. The people who are watching Fox News, in record numbers (thank you President Trump), are angry. They want an alternative now. So do I!

Well okay then. This comes on a day when Donald Trump has also had incoherent meltdowns about hamburgers and Nobel Prizes. He’s seeing even some of his own former apologists starting to turn against him, he’s probably at least vaguely aware that his already-bad poll numbers are dropping, and now he sees that he’s become so toxically unpopular, even Fox News is incrementally turning against him out of necessity. He’s fantasizing that Fox’s audience opposes this shift, when in reality Fox is only doing this because it knows its audience wants it to go there.

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