Fox News sinks to a whole new low

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As you know, John Fetterman has been battling not just the Republican party but the media, many of whom appear to think there is only one issue in Pennsylvania that means anything — Fetterman’s recent stroke. And Fetterman’s been fighting back wonderfully, which stands to reason as Fetterman is a wonderful candidate.

Recently there was a backlash to an interview Fetterman did with CNN’s Dasha Burns, who did a piss-poor interview (that’s being kind) with him and chose to only focus on his stroke. Thousands of people were infuriated. Disability rights groups were aghast. And some even called for Burns to be fired.

Well — there is one entity that is taking sides against Fetterman — Fox News. Are you surprised? Fox host Howard Kurtz appears to be Burns’ biggest fan (and one of her only fans.)

He said that the media backlash is only coming from partisans. “It’s sheer media partisanship; there’s no other way to put it!” the partisan exclaimed with partisan outrage. “Some anchors and pundits are rushing in to defend John Fetterman.”

He then insisted that there were moments in the interview where Fetterman “struggled.” Then he even ran a clip.

Fetterman was not struggling. On the other hand, Kurtz sure was struggling — to make a coherent argument. Having a partisan host from the most partisan network in the country accuse OTHERS of partisanship is hysterical.

Twitter seems to think so, too, because Kurtz is sort of in the middle of a giant ratio. I don’t think many are agreeing with him.

And frankly, Kurtz is projecting. The fact is Fox, and most of its pundits are desperate for Mehmet Oz to win. I say this because Fox has not stopped the Fetterman attacks. I’ve seen little to no neutral reporting from them on Oz.

In my opinion, Fox really needs to learn how to read the room. What works for Tucker Carlson’s audience is not going to work with the general public. As for Kurtz, I’d advise him also to read the room, but then again, this IS Fox, and they haven’t done a great job of that so far.

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