Fox News reaches a whole new low

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As you might be aware, a new Covid variant was discovered in South Africa. It is called omicron and has been found in not just South Africa but also several other countries.

So far, no cases have been found in the United States.

Still, it is most definitely a cause for concern, although we shouldn’t panic.

But according to a handful of death-warriors, this new variant is not a concern at all. In fact, it does not even exist. It is a false flag made up by President Biden and Democrats to boost Biden’s poll numbers and avoid dealing with supply chain issues.

The pathetic people of whom I speak are hosts of the rancid show “Fox and Friends” — available for your viewing non-pleasure on Fox non-news channel.

Host Rachel Campos-Duffy had this to say:

“And now we see these new variants. So, that’s the answer: more lockdowns, more lockdowns, more fear, and therefore he doesn’t have to do his job of fixing the supply chain because we’ll keep this whole thing going.”

I want to say the quiet part aloud.

I believe these hosts — these agents of death — are criminals. They may not be LITERAL criminals — that is, there may not be anything to charge them with — but morally? They’re criminals, as vicious, brutal, and hateful as the worst of the worst. That is my opinion, and I believe it to be true.

How many will die — have died — because of these soulless pundits? These nasty “human beings” who care for nothing except their bottom line.

I would encourage everyone reading this to complain. Fox is a powerful weapon of mass destruction.

Their money, arrogance, and willingness to lie to their viewers — make them extremely dangerous, AS dangerous as the Covid virus. Because with the virus, there are safeguards to put in place. With Fox, there are none — except changing the channel. Sadly, that is something a good part of our country appears unwilling to do.

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