Donald Trump goes berserk after Fox News poll says he’s losing badly

There’s a reason some Fox News hosts – particularly the daytime and weekend hosts – are starting to distance themselves from Donald Trump. As his poll numbers continue to get uglier, Fox has to go wherever its audience wants it to go, in order to maintain its ratings. Trump keeps whining like a baby about how Fox isn’t as nice to him as it used to be.

Now Trump has a new problem. He’s losing in every major poll, and the Fox News poll is no exception. To be clear, the Fox News poll surveys all voters, not Fox News viewers. But Trump takes is personally, because in his warped mind, he thinks Fox should be rigging its poll to make him look good. Right now the Fox News poll has Trump losing by an even bigger margin than other polls, and Trump is throwing a fit about it.

Trump is demanding that Fox News “fire their Fake Pollster.” Really? So now even the pollsters are fake? He also tweeted this beauty: “Why doesn’t Fox News put up the CNBC POLL or the (believe it or not!) CNN Poll? Hope Roger A is looking down and watching what has happened to this once beautiful creation!”

That’s right, Donald Trump is now openly begging Fox News to air its competitors’ polls, which also have Trump losing, but by a smaller margin. Also, the other day Trump tweeted about Roger Ailes in a way that left the strong impression that he thought Ailes was still alive. Now that Trump has been called out for not knowing his “friend” Ailes died three years ago, he’s now trying to cover for it by making a point of stating that he knows Ailes is dead. Nice try.

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