Fox News is at it again

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Foxes are sly little things. They are excellent climbers, and they hide very well too. I adore the red fox. The red fox is one of my favorites. I do not like the white fox — or at least the white fox that appears nightly on the TV screens of many. The White Fox hates anyone who does not have the same skin tone as they do. The white fox is a predator. It’s truly evil, caring nothing for the people it fools and show off for.

The white fox is a danger to society. The white foxes are hunters, they are gatherers, and they prey on the weak. The white fox has blood on their hands. And this whitest of foxes is currently defending the shooter — the person who shot Ralph Yarl.

Yarl is the boy who mistakenly rang the wrong doorbell. He encountered a madman — a mad white-fox watcher who, mind poisoned by Fox-hate, shot Yarl twice. Yarl survived, and the man has duly been charged. But the white foxes cannot let it go. Not content to brainwash, they now want to be defenders of the unthinkable — defenders of a mad shooting by one of their fans.

Will Cain, a fox host, actually attempted to seek sympathy from the audience for the shooter, saying there is “zero evidence the attack was racist. He also said the 84-year-old man might have been scared to see a six-foot-tall man “pulling on the glass outer door.”

Yarl is not six feet tall, and even if he was — there is no evidence he “pulled on the door.” This is pure white fox speculation. If this boy was white as snow — if this boy had the same color skin as the White Foxes, they would lose their smugness and demand action!

Such is their hypocrisy. Their views appear to be entirely based on skin tone. One cannot claim that being afraid of a stranger who has done nothing to them is a defense for attempted murder. And yet that is what the ferocious and savage white foxes of television are appearing to try to do.

So beware of the white fox. They are an enemy — and I do not say those words lightly. They are an enemy who hunts the weak (and the wrong skin-toned.). They are menacing, and they are to be avoided at all costs.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!