Fox News host Lou Dobbs goes berserk as Donald Trump circles the drain

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia treason continues to get closer to Trump’s inner circle, it appears Trump’s most ardent supporters are becoming nearly as unhinged as Trump himself. Sean Hannity’s nightly show on Fox News has become little more than a hateful shouting session. Most nights it’s difficult to determine whom he is more angry at: Mueller, the caravan, or simply facts. Apparently attempting to outdo Hannity’s insanity, his fellow Fox host Lou Dobbs has been getting so worked up, I fear he may give himself a stroke.

While nobody could have predicted how far Dobbs would fall, Palmer Report has documented his increased affinity for racist statements following his departure from CNN in 2009, and his subsequent move to where his racism felt more at home, Fox Business Channel. During his Tuesday night show, Dobbs looked into the camera, likely speaking directly to his target audience of one, and insisted that Trump needed to immediately fire Mueller in an effort to take control of the “ridiculous” investigation.

“Why are we still having this discussion as the president is ready to enter his third year,” Dobbs questioned his guest, attorney Victoria Toensing. “The president still has the opportunity to fire this Special Counsel.” Even Toensing seemed taken aback by this statement and immediately pushed back, stating that Trump should not do that. Dobbs ignored her response stating, “This president has got to take control of this thing because it’s ridiculous now.”

If the likes of Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs are losing their minds already as they watch Donald Trump circle the drain, just wait until the next round of indictments begin to drop on Trump’s head. It’s just a matter of time now.