Donald Trump goes off the deep end after another Fox News host turns against him

This week we keep hearing about how Fox News is trying to figure out how to prepare itself for a post-Trump future. We’ve already seen Fox hosts Shep Smith and Chris Wallace turn against Donald Trump a long time ago. Now it appears we can add a third name to the list – Ed Henry – and suffice it to say that Trump isn’t happy about it.

Donald Trump’s sycophant Mark Levin went on Fox News this morning to defend Donald Trump from his very real whistleblower scandal, and promote the fake Joe Biden scandal. Ed Henry pushed back hard against this nonsense. Trump was clearly watching, because he completely erupted on Twitter over it. He couldn’t seem to find his own words, so instead he began retweeting any random person who was saying anything positive about Levin or anything negative about Henry.

This led to situation where the President of the United States was retweeting juvenile smack talk like “The real one mark Levin just totally curved Ed Henry and his fake news” and “Mark Levin sure put that lying shit head Ed Henry in his place didn’t he?”


The remarkable part was that Levin was actually floundering the whole time, as Fox News host Ed Henry stood up for himself and the truth, and gained a smidgeon of respect across the political spectrum for it. But delusional Donald Trump didn’t want to see it that way, so he spent the whole time promoting total nonsense that (in his imagination) helped his case. If this is all Trump has left, he’s got nothing.

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