Fox News host blows it on air

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Fox News never ceases to amaze. Friday is the anniversary of January 6. This is a date most cannot and will not forget. Fox, however, has been doing their damnedest to forget January 6 ever happened. Many of their hosts refuse to even refer to it as a terrorist attack or an insurrection.

This is because Fox is no more than Republican propaganda. And despite their them trying their hardest, nobody has forgotten the events of that terrible day. One thing Fox has done is tried to make the insurrectionists look sympathetic. Of course, most on Fox do not even bother referring to them as insurrectionists. Except for Brian Kilmeade.

That’s right. Kilmeade slipped up on national television. Allow me to explain. It was Thursday, January 5. And Kilmeade was grim-faced. He was angry at the McCarthy holdouts, like Gaetz and Boebert. During a segment on fox and friends, while speaking about the House vote, he said this: “This is how insincere the insurrectionists are.”

Uh-oh. Kilmeade was, of coarse, talking about the Boebert and Gaetz group. And faster than one could say, “I screwed up,” he attempted to backpedal.

“I probably shouldn’t use that word,” he said quickly, repressed hysteria evident in his voice. But it was too late, you see. And his attempt to walk his comment back was greeted by disgust by many.

But I suppose Kilmeade had no choice. The word “insurrectionist” is never used among the Maga crowd. They hate it. The reason they hate it is because they believe it was unfairly applied to Donald Trump — who IS an insurrectionist.

Kilmeade really put his foot in his mouth here. He disobeyed what I suspect is a top rule at Fox — never say one bad thing about any republican ever. Calling any of them insurrectionists certainly would appear to not fit with the Fox non-news agenda.

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