Fox News flames out

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It was Saturday night and excited Pundits were poised to make a call. If that call was for democrats, we’d win the Senate. And we did. I was watching. My phone lit up with texts from just about every news organization proclaiming the democrats had defied history and won the Senate!

How exciting! Screams of joy filled the night, one of them my own. On social media, people celebrated. Except for one entity. This entity was a certain media organization.

Known for being fair and balanced, this organization was famous for their dogged reporting, fair and impactful work, and smart and fair television pundits. Just kidding. This network, also called Fox, was known for being a wing of Donald Trump and election denialism, where Maga comes to scream and smug pundits get things consistently wrong.

Only they did not get the immediate aftermath of this wrong. That is because they didn’t report on it. In the few minutes immediately after the call went out that the Democrats had won the Senate, I flicked around the stations.

And this was the headline on Fox non-news: “Climate elites recycle Covid enforcement plan.”

I am not kidding. Now, I am sure (at some point) they managed to cover this news. But not immediately after. I kept waiting for someone to report it, but they went commercial. Without saying a word.

All I saw was angry hissing about covid. One would not have even KNOWN there WAS a senate election if one just went by those few minutes. Fox has shown that they are incompetent and do not seem to think that control of the Senate is a relevant story.

It kind of reminded me of the first prime-time January 6 hearing. Instead of covering THAT, Fox chose to forget it existed — and aired their stuff commercial-free. They lost ratings over it too. I’d love to see Fox off the air. That’s obviously not going to happen, but the fact that they didn’t even bother to cut away to AIR this story immediately shows their incompetence.

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