Fox & Friends goes off the deep end as Fox News crashes and burns

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The White House Correspondents dinner was a hit, no doubt about it. And it’s something we needed. There have been many grim headlines lately. And sometimes, after months and months of these types of headlines, laughter is the healing salve that one needs.

And we got it. Only there was one group of people who did not seem to be in on the joke. These people complained bitterly about the festive gala. Who are they? Well — these people are Fox and Friends anchors. And they had a bone to pick. That bone is how wonderfully the people at the correspondent’s dinner treated President Biden.

Appearing bitter, these Fox hosts wondered if it had been Donald Trump there if HE would have also garnered the amount of applause Biden did. One Fox pundit predicted the room would have been full of boos. And they labeled the night a “love-fest” for Democrats. They appeared to be very upset by all the love.

Now here is the problem with this theory. The fact is Donald Trump was too thin-skinned to attend these dinners. If you remember, trump was so angered by the press he never even went to one. This is because he’s a baby who can’t take being roasted about anything.

I do think the Fox hosts got it wrong here. This event is to honor the beauty of the written word, the courage of journalists, and the freedom of the first amendment.

The night is usually filled with laughter, good food and drink, uproariously funny entertainment, and, above all — love. Love for a free Press that helps give America the glorious foundation that she has.

So these scowling Fox anchors really don’t know what they’re talking about. Perhaps Dominion took more than their money — perhaps it also took their sense of humor.

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