Donald Trump goes on late night bender, retweets fourteen month old fake news article

Donald Trump is sure desperate to distract us from… something. He’s spent Saturday afternoon and evening angrily ranting about Michael Wolff’s two week old book about him, retweeting hyperbolic nonsense, and spinning every phony conspiracy he can get his hands on. In his zest to attack Hillary Clinton, not only did Trump retweet a fake news article about her, he retweeted a fourteen month old fake news article about her from before the election.

The trouble began when a political writer named Paul Sperry began posting a series of pro-Trump and anti-Clinton propaganda articles. For reasons known only to him, Donald Trump decided to retweet two of Sperry’s posts in a row. To the best of our recollection, Trump has never retweeted the same person multiple times in a row like this. As it turns out the second of the two retweeted articles was written by Sperry himself – all the way back in October of 2016.

The article in question, from the tabloid rag New York Post, which just happens to be owned by a friend of Trump, is the very definition of fake news – and we don’t tend to use that phrase lightly. It was titled “Hillary’s 33,000 emails might not be ‘missing’ after all” and was based on an obviously false claim. Those emails were properly destroyed for security reasons, and if a single word of the NY Post article had been accurate, those emails would have surfaced during the course of the FBI investigation. Clinton was fully exonerated at the end of that email investigation.

So at this point not only is Donald Trump retweeting fake news about Hillary Clinton in the middle of the night, he’s retweeting obsolete fake news about Hillary Clinton in the middle of the night. He clearly knows that a new bombshell scandal of his own is about to break, and he’s going off the deep end while trying to create a distraction.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report