Paul Manafort only gets four years in prison from braindead judge, but Manafort will get life in prison next week

While handing down the sentence for Donald Trump’s treasonous campaign chairman Paul Manafort, mentally incompetent federal judge T.S. Ellis has virtually committed treason in his own right. The deranged judge has defied sentencing guidelines of 19 to 24 years, and has given Manafort just four years instead. Ellis clearly belongs in a rubber room. But Manafort’s life is about to end next week anyway.

This was just one of two trials in which Paul Manafort is facing sentencing. Next week he’ll be sentenced by highly competent federal judge Amy Berman Jackson on a separate batch of guilty counts, where he’ll likely pick up another decade in prison. That’ll add up to fourteen years, meaning the sixty-nine year old Manafort will almost certainly die in prison.

You have to figure impeachment proceedings will now begin against Judge Ellis, who has spent this entire trial revealing himself to be too mentally incompetent to so much as shop for groceries without adult supervision, let alone oversee criminal trials. This insanely lenient sentence is literally a crime.

In any case, we can’t stress enough that Paul Manafort’s life is over anyway. Not only will the other judge sentence Manafort properly, the timing opens the door for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to seek the most harsh sentence possible next week, if only to rectify the crime committed by mentally defective Judge Ellis today.