Robert Mueller is playing four dimensional chess. Donald Trump is playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Namecalling. Pandering. Grandstanding. Stalling. Lying. Lashing out at others. Cheating. Adultering. Projecting. Gaslighting. Tweeting garbage. Tweeting nothing at all. Eeny. Meeny. Miny. Moe. Whack-a-mole and Tic Tac Toe. Trump in Panama falling down. Hungry Hungry Hippos all around. Ring Around the Rosie and Duck Duck Drake. Pin tails on the Donkey who’s on the take.

The list of little kiddie games goes on and on with this orange clown and his entourage. With only one day left in February and all of Tuesday’s revelations (Hicks flipping, Kushner losing Top Secret security clearance and panicking, etc.) one can only guess which games Trump and company will continue to play going forward as March ushers in. Only God knows.

Many sane folks – Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent or otherwise – have grown weary and have ceased watching in order to keep their sanity. Still others, like most of you reading this and myself, stay the course daily, for the inane antics and crazy banter notwithstanding, Trump and his goons certainly never fail to entertain. If the stakes weren’t so high it might be funny. If he weren’t, for example, messing with the reputation, prestige, credibility, safety, customs and norms of the people of the United States, while simultaneously diminishing its influence and hegemony around the globe. But this is no game.

So while the moron Congressional enablers continue aiding and abetting Trump and Putin, Mueller and his deadly serious prosecutorial squad are in their war room playing 4-dimensional chess, doing what they can as quickly as they can to rid us of this vile cancer. Trump and company can front, delay, deceive, finagle, and obfuscate all they want, but they can not stop the inevitable. A massive day of reckoning is coming. That day can’t get here soon enough. Stay tuned.

Scotty is the proud dad of one son, a political writer, business owner, pianist, & baseball coach from NW Pennsylvania