Former Trump White House official comes out in support of Joe Biden

Joe Biden has already racked up a number of high profile Republican endorsements – largely from former presidential candidates – like John Kasich and Carly Fiorina, but also a number of former congressmen, with Susan Molinari announcing her endorsement of Biden early Monday. He also got a pretty major endorsement not long ago from former national security advisers who worked in both Republican and Democratic presidential administrations and were always careful to keep their work nonpartisan, having never openly endorsed candidates for president before.

Now, however, Biden might be getting his strongest endorsement yet from a conservative: Miles Taylor, who served as the chief of staff in Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security until last year. This endorsement doesn’t look good for Trump, since Taylor made his endorsement known in a Washington Post op-ed where he said that a second term of Donald Trump would be “terrifying” and “unthinkable.” The op-ed further confirmed the worst things that many of us had already suspected: Trump is in fact using the DHS for his own political fortunes and he’s regularly dismissed intelligence reports that concern potential threats to national security simply because he can’t be bothered to read the briefings.

Donald Trump’s evil practice of separating children from their parents at the border and putting them in cages was already likely to be a major issue in the 2020 campaign, a referendum on the current administration’s criminal agenda. Now, Taylor is revealing that Trump was far from reluctantly following rules that were on the books – that Trump in fact wanted to do this deliberately to deter families from crossing the border. The message couldn’t be clearer. Serious crimes against other nations are already being committed in our names – and things will only get worse with America’s standing in the world unless we vote Donald Trump out of office on November 3.

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