Former Donald Trump supporter calls for his impeachment

Editor’s note: David Weissman is a U.S. military veteran who deeply regrets having voted for Donald Trump, and has since become a passionate voice for the Resistance. These are truly sad times when the person you voted for really deserves to be impeached – not because he isn’t liked, but because his actions are criminal and unconstitutional. Banning Muslims from entering the United States violates the first amendment. So does interfering in peaceful protests by NFL players trying to increase awareness of police brutality. So do inhumane immigration policies. Lack of leadership from Congress is also troubling because it shows that America is not a country of law and order, but a country of corruption.

Democrats have all the evidence they need in the full Mueller report to do something about the criminal in office. Actual accountability needs to happen instead of tweeting about in a pointless rant. I am also aware that the Senate will not pursue any action because the criminal is Republican. Even though we have over a year until the general election, a lot can happen but we need to be patient, compassionate and vigilant and more importantly united.

Our focus needs to be on the 2020 elections. Regardless of who anyone supports, whether it’s Warren, Mayor Pete, Sanders, Harris, etc. we must stay united. Vet every candidate by all means, but try to do it without attacking each other. As a former supporter and member of the Trump campaign, I can promise you all they are watching us and will use anything they can to divide us more.

I know the Democratic message is very diverse and has different battles but I think we need to condense it more when it comes to the general election when the Democratic nominee is out campaigning. They need to go on all networks even Fox News to reach out to voters, the reason being every vote counts. Conservative propagandists will put their spin on the Democratic nominee. It will be up to us to help clarify the nominee’s message. A small percentage of Americans as a whole use Twitter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful.

This is one of the most important elections in America, and we need to stay focused so we can get Trump out of office and save our Democracy and our humanity. Every effort must be toward pushing how great every Democratic candidate is, so whoever is nominated will become the next President of the United States.

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