For whom the bell tolls

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For whom does the bell toll? It was early Saturday morning, 3/18/2023. It was a sight that no American had ever seen before. A former president posted on social media that he expected to shortly be arrested. It tolls for Donald John Trump.

Donald John Trump was miserable. Seemingly in a frenzy of rage (but still rational enough to refer to himself in the third person), Trump said that “Leading Republican candidate and former president of the United States will be arrested on Tuesday of next week.”

This post sparked a frenzy, with the media all but going silent on other issues. People waking up and turning on the television would be treated to the sight of shocked media pundits talking excitedly about the traitor from hell and what it all means.

What it all means is Trump is on borrowed time as a free man. He is about to lose that privilege. And it IS a privilege. When one breaks the law, one should expect to be arrested. It’s as simple as that.

Trump then predictably called for protests. Many in the media acted shocked, but nobody should be. Trump’s easier to read than the alphabet. Of course, he’d call for protests from his scraggly supporters. They are all he has left now.

When I was a kid, friends and readers, I grew up believing the good guys won. I bet you did as well. And I’m sure your faith in that has been severely tested these last few years. Not surprising. We were all in an abusive relationship, as I’ve said before. We were in an abusive relationship with an unhealthy, morally bankrupt man.

He held us, hostage. He stole our innocence in a way. He ripped children from their mothers’ arms and bullied protesters. He incited an insurrection. He did so much harm to so very many people that, of course, we’d all come out of it with a few battle scars. And a taste for vengeance.

But very soon, all that will be in the past. Trump will be an indicted criminal. He will feel how we felt when he was in office. He will have to live by others’ rules — the rules of the courts and of lady Justice.

It’s here. The bell is tolling. And as his indictment ages like fine wine, there will be plenty more where those came from. Trump will soon move from an indicted traitor to a MULTI-indicted traitor. All of this is his fault, and nothing he says or does will ever in a million years change that. “Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

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