Donald Trump’s football championship game disaster

The real question these days, with most people hating him to begin with, and his mental competence clearly in decline and his every move thus being scrutinized, is why Donald Trump keeps showing up in public. Various reports peg him as only being out of bed seven or eight hours a day. He’s no longer even pretending to do the job. So why on earth would he show up at at last night’s college football national championship game? Everything went wrong that possibly could.

The game was a matchup between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia, taking place in Georgia. The location, and the two fanbases who showed up, should have made this the closest thing to a pro-Trump crowd he can find these days. Yet when he showed his face, the boos were at least as loud as the cheers. No wonder his guy lost the special election last month. Trump is no longer even popular where he’s popular. But that was just the beginning of a night gone wrong.

As the two teams were taking the field, Alabama star player Bo Scarborough was caught on camera yelling “F— Trump!” It was a symbol of pretty much everything that happened from there. How much time has Trump spent accusing others of disrespecting the national anthem? How much talk has there been this past week about his declining mental faculties? That added up to a perfect storm of controversy when the television cameras caught him sorta kinda singing, or mumbling, or making random mouth movements during the anthem that didn’t come close to matching up with most of the words. Either he’s too far gone to remember the words, or too unpatriotic to care.

This appearance unwittingly fed into the already-burgeoning popular discussion about Donald Trump. There’s something profoundly wrong with this guy, in fact a whole lot of things wrong. They’re becoming more apparent by the day. Oh by the way, after a week in which Trump’s own people confessed that he’s usually in bed by 6:30 each night, it only made the perception worse when he left the game at halftime. The guy can’t even stay awake long enough to watch a football game, and maybe he’s too far gone to have even known he was at one to begin with.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report