Donald Trump just flunked his latest ugly scandal

The story of Donald Trump’s school grades is blossoming into a full-blown scandal. New revelations are showing that when it comes to his academic record, the sitting president is both a liar and a hypocrite. For years, Trump has bragged about his “very, very large brain” and “good marks,” but he has yet to prove any of it. Now it turns out that Trump’s efforts to hide his grades is an even bigger coverup than we thought just last week.

Last week, Michael Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee that he threatened Trump’s schools not to release any grades to any person for any reason. Cohen revealed a copy of the 2015 letter he sent to Fordham, which Trump attended for a couple of years before transferring to Wharton. The letter itself is so weird it is almost laughable. After a page of over-the-top belligerence, Cohen switched to playing good cop in a single-line postscript, lavishing praise on Fordham and declaring his client’s love for the school.

Now we are learning that Trump’s obsession with hiding his grades actually started years earlier. Even crazier, these efforts came at the same time the hypocrite-in-chief attacked a potential opponent for having and hiding bad grades. Back in April 2011, Trump called then-candidate Barack Obama a “terrible student.” He wondered aloud how Obama could have gotten accepted into Columbia and Harvard Law School, and he demanded that Obama release his academic records.

According to new reporting by the Washington Post, the superintendent of the New York Military Academy that Trump attended as a teenager was “accosted by prominent, wealthy alumni who were Mr. Trump’s friends.” It appears these Trump cronies tried to bully the school into handing over his files while taking advantage of the fact that their alma mater was facing financial troubles. But the superintendent, Jeffrey Coverdale, instead moved all of Trump’s embarrassing files to a secret, secure location. Unlike our “stable genius” president, that superintendent was no dunce.