Donald Trump is flip flopping like a fish

Donald Trump is facing a no-win situation when it comes to the bipartisan disaster relief bill currently working its way through Congress. He demanded that it include funding for his idiotic border wall. But there isn’t enough support in either party to make that happen, and Trump has become far too weak and vulnerable to twist his party’s arm into going along with it. So yesterday he caved. Then today he un-caved.

Yesterday we brought you the story of how Senate Republicans passed the disaster relief bill without any wall funding, and that Donald Trump had agreed to go ahead and sign it. So much for his national emergency declaration over the wall. So much for his loud insistence earlier this week that he wouldn’t support any congressional legislation at all going forward, as long as his scandals are being investigated. Trump caved and everyone knew it. So today he appears to have pulled an end-around.

Obscure Republican Congressman Chip Roy used a procedural move to single handedly take the disaster relief bill hostage in the House, while proudly announcing that he did it because the bill doesn’t contain any funding for Donald Trump’s wall. Gee whiz, we wonder who could have convinced this lightweight nobody of a House Republican to take this asinine stand.

We’d bet money that Donald Trump was left feeling so wounded by the Senate Republicans who forced him to agree to sign this bill, he leaned on this Chip Roy buffoon to sabotage it in the House. You can’t sign a bill that never reaches your desk, right? So now Chip Roy will see his career and reputation shredded because he was dumb enough to do Trump’s bidding. Meanwhile, Trump is facing nothing but bad options, and so he’s flip flopping around on his decisions like a fish.

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