Donald Trump gives away that he knows Robert Mueller’s report will finish him off

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When it comes to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s upcoming report about Donald Trump’s crimes, the big questions are when it will arrive and what it will reveal. The bigger question is whether it’ll be enough to finish Trump off. Now we have a hint about that, from one of the few people who knows just how ugly the report will be, because he’s the one who committed the crimes that the report will expose.

That’s right, Donald Trump took some time away from his increasingly deranged rants about John McCain and George Conway so he could address the upcoming Mueller report. Here’s what he said to reporters today: “It’s sort of interesting that a man, out of the blue, just writes a report … I got 63 million more, 63 million votes. And now somebody just writes a report? I think it’s ridiculous.” Okay, wait a minute, because there are two things going on here.

First there is Trump’s obvious and ongoing desperation to convince himself that he won the 2016 election in dominant fashion. Was he really about to falsely claim that he got 63 million more votes than Hillary Clinton, before thinking better of it? In any case, each time Trump references his vote totals, he reminds everyone that Hillary got three million more votes than he did. But that’s not the important part here.


Donald Trump is pretty clearly saying he thinks it’s unfair that, after he was voted into office, “somebody just writes a report” and cancels that out. He’s basically admitting that he knows the Mueller report is going to take down his presidency. For all his constant lying, sometimes Trump’s rare moments of accidental truth can tell us a lot.

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