Donald Trump just took another financial blow

So far this year we’ve seen Donald Trump get cut off by several banks, and even multiple real estate brokers, in response to his incitement of insurrection in the U.S. Capitol attack. It’s surely put the squeeze on his financial house of cards, particularly at a time when he’s no longer able to use the presidency to steal from the government.

Now Trump is taking a different kind of financial blow. Tiffany & Co. had been occupying a lucrative spot in one of Donald Trump’s New York City properties. But Crain’s is reporting that Tiffany & Co. is preparing to vacate the premises and move back to its nearby flagship location when it’s finished being renovated.

This move apparently doesn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump’s increasingly radioactive nature. But because Trump is taking financial hits from all sides, the loss of Tiffany & Co. is hitting him at a vulnerable time. He may not have lost this particular tenant due to being an insurrectionist, but he’ll have a hard time filling the space with a new tenant due to being an insurrectionist.

Keep in mind that each new blow to Trump’s financial house of cards pushes it ever closer to collapsing. This is a guy who already has loan payments he can’t make, failed real estate ventures he can’t sell, and so on. Bankruptcy seems inevitable. And because he’s no longer President, he can’t pressure banks into bailing him out. This is before getting to the inevitable asset forfeitures at the hands of New York authorities as they nail him for his various financial crimes.

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