Donald Trump and his goons can’t even figure out how to lie about Trump-Russia anymore

It is now quite clear that Republicans in Congress can’t even agree how best to lie to the American people. When Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee announced they were wrapping up their investigation into whether Donald Trump conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election, they also provided a brief synopsis of their “findings.” One thing that stood out was their purported belief, going against the findings of all United States intelligence agencies, that Russia was not trying to assist Trump or hurt Hillary Clinton in the election.

The notion that Russia wasn’t spending millions of dollars (or billions of rubles) per month to ensure Trump would make it to the White House is laughable. It’s not just the American intelligence agencies that have stated this, but also all of the other nations from the Five Eyes – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom – agreed with America. Even Dutch intelligence was able to hack Russian cameras and spy on the Russian group Cozy Bear (link), which is believed to have hacked the Democratic Party.

With all of this evidence staring them in the face, a few Republicans are walking back their claim that Russia wasn’t trying to assist Trump. Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio reportedly brought up his concerns of going against American intelligence in a closed door meeting among the Republicans on the committee. Facing the possibility of looking even more foolish, they have decided to remove this from their report, but still plan to include it in a followup that is due to come out in coming months.

While some Republicans still refuse to admit that Russian interference was an all-out war against Clinton, at least a few appear willing to agree with the findings of the FBI and CIA. Still others, such as Rep. Chris Stewart, continue to push a clearly false narrative, stating “the CIA just got it wrong.” While it’s almost humorous that even the GOP is having trouble agreeing on what lies they want to tell, one thing is even more clear: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is continuing his investigation and taking names of all those working against the best interests of the United States.

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