Federal judge hands Donald Trump major blow in his whistleblower scandal

When investigators find out that suspects are hiding evidence, it often becomes a footrace where investigators try to get to that evidence before the suspects can destroy it. In the case of Donald Trump’s whistleblower scandal, we’ve all recently learned that the White House has been burying incriminating evidence of Trump’s communications with world leaders on a secret server – a sign that all the evidence has been buried in all of Trump’s various White House scandals.

The thing is, now that everyone in the White House knows that Donald Trump’s international scandals are being investigated, they’ll be committing a felony if they try to destroy any of the evidence. It would be awfully stupid for anyone to try, but still, there must be the temptation – particularly in this uniformly corrupt administration, at a time when it’s on the verge of collapse.

So it’s crucial that Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson has already cornered Trump’s Department of Justice when it comes to the evidence. Today she forced the DOJ to agree to preserve all documents that may have any relevance to the House impeachment inquiry. At a time when Donald trump is clearly pushing everyone in his regime to refuse to cooperate as emphatically as possible, his own DOJ just caved in court.

This sets up a situation where everyone in the DOJ knows they’re being watched by the courts, and knows they’ll end up behind bars if they get caught destroying any of these documents. It’s becoming more clear by the day that Donald Trump is in danger of not finishing his term – and that makes it particularly tricky for DOJ employees to bet their freedom on the pipe dream that Trump might pardon them. We now expect the House will end up with these documents.

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