Federal judge tells Donald Trump to get lost

Donald Trump continues to seek absolute power in the hope of avoiding being brought to justice for his ongoing crime spree. The thing is, each time he tries to break yet another law, yet another federal judge steps up to stand in his way. Now it’s happened again.

Last week a federal judge ruled that former White House Counsel Don McGahn must testify against Donald Trump in the House impeachment inquiry. This is a big deal, not only because McGahn’s testimony could be devastating to Trump in the impeachment process, but also because it creates legal precedent that McGahn and others must testify against Trump at his eventual criminal trial after he’s gone from office. Trump is appealing the ruling, of course, but that’s already off to a bad start for him.

The Trump regime tried asking Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to put a stay on her own ruling, which would have ensured that Don McGahn wouldn’t have to testify for quite some time. Jackson responded yesterday by essentially telling Trump to get lost. This isn’t surprising. Her initial ruling lambasted the Trump regime for its unconstitutional attempt at abuse of power, so it’s not as if she was suddenly going to hand him a subsequent win just because he asked nicely.

This battle is still headed to appeals court and then potentially the Supreme Court, as is the case with every ruling involving Donald Trump’s crime spree and his attempts at evading justice. The thing is, he keeps losing these battles – and the precedents being set are going to come back and bite him once he’s inevitably put on post-presidency criminal trial.

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