Federal judge strikes down Donald Trump’s January 6th election plot

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When Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert filed a lawsuit against Mike Pence, demanding that the courts give Pence the power to magically overturn the election on January 6th, Palmer Report pointed out that – in short – nothing even works that way.

It was a given that the courts would strike down that suit, which has now happened this evening. Gohmert can appeal, but that will also be thrown out. When you petition the court and you have literally no case, dismissal is automatic.

What stands out is that not only did Pence refuse to join Gohmert’s side of the suit, Pence had the Justice Department argue against Gohmert’s case. Trump apparently got wind of this today, and went berserk on Pence over it. None of this is particularly surprising, as the motivations of each participant in this are simply incompatible.

Louie Gohmert revels in being seen as an unhinged far right fanatic, so he loved having his name on this suit, even though he knew it had a 100% chance of being thrown out. Donald Trump is facing prison and bankruptcy, so he was desperate enough to support the fantasy about Pence overthrowing the results, even though it’s not a real thing. And Pence is just trying to figure out how not to go down with the Trump ship, though it’s surely too late for that.

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