Federal judge has had enough of Kevin McCarthy’s crap

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What is it like to BE Kevin McCarthy? It must be terrible. The amount of brain cells the House “Speaker” has shed is off the rails. Being Kevin McCarthy means being afraid all the time. Being Mr. McCarthy means striking deals and doing anything to keep his ass firmly in the Speaker’s chair.

Yes, being Kevin McCarthy must be pure torture. The non-speaker has managed to turn off so many people that it has shocked even me. Let’s face it we all knew Kevin’s run as Speaker was going to be a shitshow, but I doubt many of us really grasped just how horrible it would go.

Since Kev gave over the J-6 footage, all hell has broken loose. Some people are furious, some plan to sue him, some have also filed for access, and McCarthy just stands there dumbly, jaws flapping but saying next to nothing.

The latest person to offer up a reprimand to the failed Speaker is a Federal Judge handling the case of one of the January 6 criminals. See? Even Judges have gotten into the act now of mocking Kevin.

U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras spoke out in a video conference on Friday. “I’d like to hear more from the government on what I’m reading in the papers about production of the CCTV video to Tucker Carlson,” The Judge remarked.

Contreras also said he’s a bit confused about which J-6 defendants get access to the footage and which do not. “I don’t know what case-by-case basis means and why the House Speaker gets to choose which defendants get to see what,” The Judge said.

“From what I read, Tucker Carlson seems to think he has unfettered discretion in what he can do with those videos.” As of the time of this writing, there was no comment from McCarthy only an ominous silence.

Perhaps that’s because McCarthy doesn’t know what to say. If he were being honest, he’d tell the Judge the following: “Yes, Judge, I realize this is unusual behavior. You have to understand. I don’t care about anything else except my own career needs. The truth is I cut a heck of a lot of deals to get this job. I Had to cajole, whimper, and beg. I said ANYTHING to get that House gavel. I’m rather proud of myself. It only took 15 rounds of voting. I thought it would be much more! So you see, I have no choice. I HAVE to screw over the American people. Judge, we can’t all be born with ethics. You get it right, Judge? At least I don’t lie as much as George Santos!”

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