The FBI just made the Rob Porter scandal even worse for Donald Trump

Donald Trump despises the FBI because it’s been investigating the crimes he committed in the Russia scandal. He openly attacks the bureau, spreading phony scandals and lies about its leadership and agents. It turns out the FBI was able to get a measure of revenge on Trump today, simply by doing the right thing when it came to yet another Trump scandal.

Trump’s own handpicked FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee today. He was asked about a number of issues, including the Rob Porter domestic violence scandal. The FBI had been tasked with performing a background check on Porter, who has been accused of domestic abuse by two ex-wives, one of whom was able to get a restraining order against him.

Trump’s White House has had a hard time trying to explain why it kept Porter on the job, despite knowing about the accusations. One of the excuses it’s been floating is that the FBI’s background check was still ongoing, and that it had been waiting for the results. But today Wray testified (link) that the background check process was finished months ago, and that the Trump White House knew all about Porter’s background.


Some have asked why FBI Director Wray didn’t resign in protest after Donald Trump used a series of false accusations to badger FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe into retirement. This helps to provide that answer. Why would Wray pointlessly quit in protest, when he can remain on the job and help to take Trump down simply by doing his job?

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