Fani Willis informs Mark Meadows she’s prepared to issue an arrest warrant for him

Mark Meadows is now begging the courts to block his arrest in Fulton County. In response Fani Willis has sent Meadows a letter (which has publicly surfaced as part of the court filing) informing him that if he doesn’t surrender by the deadline she’ll put out an arrest warrant for him.

To be clear, none of this is going to get Meadows anywhere. The courts aren’t going to side with him. Nor is this going to delay his inevitable criminal trial. This is just Meadows flailing around, telling himself that the desperate and hopeless actions he and his attorneys are taking will somehow magically save him.

For awhile there was a question about whether Meadows’ strategy of partial cooperation with prosecutors, without actually cutting a deal with any of them, might somehow save him. Maybe he was successfully threading the needle, and maybe he knew what he was doing.

But now that Meadows’ “strategy” has resulted in him getting indicted, it’s safe to say it wasn’t much of a “strategy” to begin with. Meadows would have been a crucial cooperating witness and likely could have avoided indictment in Georgia just by providing enough cooperation. But he wasn’t smart enough to do that. Instead he sat back and got himself indicted for no good reason. And even now he’s settling for making the kinds of nonsense filings that merely annoy prosecutors and judges, instead of actually cutting a deal.

This in turn suggests that Meadows has probably also blown it with Jack Smith. Sure, Meadows has reportedly given Smith partial cooperation. But if Meadows’ fence-riding in Georgia wasn’t enough to save him from indictment, then his fence-riding with the Feds probably won’t be enough to save him from indictment either.

Meadows was (and still is) in a unique position to give Trump up more directly than almost anyone else could, meaning Meadows could have just cut a deal and walked away from this. Instead Meadows has chosen this weird middle ground where he’s betrayed Trump and he’s still gotten himself indicted.

Mark Meadows might be the dumbest of the bunch. Meadows is playing with fire by pushing the DA to the point that she’s preparing to issue an arrest warrant against him. But Meadows is literally a traitor, so if this is the route he really wants to take, he deserves every bad thing that’s about to happen to him. And now we’re getting to the good part.