Donald Trump’s North Korea summit is already falling apart

Fresh off his catastrophic and humiliating failure at the G7 summit, Donald Trump is now trying his hand at diplomacy again, this time with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Now that Trump has committed himself to the meeting by arriving in Singapore, things are already quickly falling apart – because Kim apparently wants them to fall apart.

Kim Jong Un has made a last minute change to his itinerary, and is now scheduled to depart Singapore just seven hours after his meeting with Donald Trump begins. This will allow Kim to get his desired photo op with the “President” of the United States, and then skip town fairly quickly, before Trump can corner him into agreeing to give up anything in a deal. In other words, Trump is predictably getting played by Kim already.

In response, Trump has announced that he’ll also be leaving Singapore just seven hours after the meeting is set to begin, according to Bloomberg and other sources. As is so often the case with Trump, now that he’s been played, he’s trying to make it look like he’s the one with the firm hand. This is similar to how roughly eighty percent of the Philadelphia Eagles players were planning to boycott Trump’s White House, prompting him to “ban” the Super Bowl team from the White House. This situation with Kim has the potential to get particularly ugly.

Kim Jong Un has been toying with Donald Trump over this summit all along. Last month he threatened to cancel it, prompting Donald Trump to respond by canceling it, only to then reschedule it for the same date and time. As Palmer Report has been pointing out from the start, Trump desperately needs this summit to go well and Kim doesn’t, which means that Kim has all the leverage – and he’s been willing to use it. At this rate Trump may leave the summit empty handed.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report