“FAKE PRESIDENT” begins trending after Donald Trump’s idiotic tweet blows up in his face

Donald Trump’s tweets have always been disturbing, usually semi-incoherent, and often downright maniacal. But at least there used to be some (utterly deranged and simplistic) thought process behind his lunacy. At this point it’s difficult to even characterize Trump’s tweets as lunacy, because he simply doesn’t have enough left in the tank.

At one point today, Donald Trump simply tweeted “LAW & ORDER!” with no apparent awareness that his attempt at sounding tough was merely going to get him ridiculed for unwittingly referencing the NBC television show. After that blew up in his face and everything from “Special Victims Unit” to “Dick Wolf” began trending, Trump tried tweeting the phrase “FAKE NEWS!” without even bothering to say what he was referring to, prompting “FAKE PRESIDENT” to begin trending.

This is a guy who can barely get through a speech these days, even when he’s reading it off a teleprompter, botching every other word in the process. This is a guy who holds “press conferences” but often wanders off without taking any questions. Under the pressure of everything that’s going wrong for him, what’s left of his brain is turning into jello. His dementia may well have moved beyond the early onset stage.

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