Donald Trump’s failed Pennsylvania election plot ends up bringing coronavirus into the White House

When Donald Trump began plotting with Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano to overturn the results of the election in the state, it had literally zero chance of going anywhere. Most of the other Republican legislators in Pennsylvania had already made clear they weren’t interested. And doing so would be illegal anyway, so the courts would automatically fix it. Now the whole thing has gotten even worse.

When Doug Mastriano visited the White House to plot with Trump, he was tested for coronavirus on his way in the door. After Mastriano had already begun his meeting with Trump, he was informed that he’d tested positive, and had to leave, according to the AP. That means that not only did the plot fail, it brought coronavirus into the White House.

– Arizona has announced that it’s certifying its election results tomorrow morning. That’s right, Joe Biden is about to win Arizona again.

– Tweet of the day, from President-elect Biden’s newly announced White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: “Honored to work again for Joe Biden, a man I worked on behalf of during the Obama-Biden Admin as he helped lead economic recovery, rebuilt our relationships with partners (turns out good practice) and injected empathy and humanity into nearly every meeting I sat in.”

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