The facts make clear that Donald Trump has never been weaker or closer to ouster

Facts are stubborn things. Despite all the pundit buzz lately about how Donald Trump somehow now has the upper hand when it comes to 2020, the facts show the opposite. Of all the crazy, deranged, and illegal things that Trump has done over the past two years to try to boost his approval rating, and thus his 2020 prospects, literally zero of them have worked – as evidenced by the fact that his approval rating still sucks.

There’s also plenty of buzz about how the events of this past week somehow mean that Donald Trump is now “winning” and “unstoppable.” Really? On what planet is this alternate reality playing out? Here are the facts: Trump’s most effective henchman, William Barr, was taken off the table this week. Barr took his big swing, missed, struck out, and now he’ll be spending the rest of his tenure playing defense in the name of trying to save himself – which means he can’t focus on saving Trump.

Then we have the buzz about how House Democrats “can’t do anything” or “aren’t willing to do anything” to stop Donald Trump. But again, those pesky facts. The Democrats are holding Barr in contempt of Congress on Monday morning, and it looks like they’re doing the same to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. House Democratic leaders have laid out the various ways in which they’re going to destroy Trump’s obstructors, ranging from massive fines to arrest. Oh, and they’re also lining up Robert Mueller to publicly testify about Trump’s crimes – which is the first step in Trump’s impeachment, whether they’re using that word yet or not.

We don’t know precisely how any of this will play out going forward. But in terms of Donald Trump and his henchmen being weakened, and the door opening for House Democrats to crush them, and the clearly stated willingness of House Democrats to indeed crush them, this has been one of the best weeks the Resistance has had in a long time. These are just the facts – no matter how many pundits try to spin this past week as the end of times.

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