Exposed: Donald Trump’s own babysitters admit he’s even further gone than we thought

Earlier this week Palmer Report pointed out that based on Donald Trump’s press briefings alone, it was fairly easy to see that he was pretty far gone. He starts the briefings sounding half dead, and only seems to come alive once reporters have properly agitated him – suggesting that he spends most of the day in a sullen and listless place, doing nothing as his cognitive decline worsens.

It turns out Trump is in even worse condition than we thought. His White House babysitters are so alarmed at how badly he’s declined, they’re leaking to the New York Times that he’s basically non-functioning. Trump spends all day watching TV and getting discouraged over the near total lack of positive coverage can find over himself.

Trump is always in a “sour mood.” He’s “glum.” Even the MyPillow guy is admitting that Trump is a listless sad sack. Trump’s own people keep trying to talk him out of holding these press briefings and acting like a buffoon, but he insists on having them anyway, because they’re the only thing he still enjoys. This confirms our growing suspicion that Trump’s handlers have only been reluctantly letting him go out there because he’s slipping away, and the briefings are the only part of the day where he’s not lost in a haze.

You can read the full lengthy New York Times expose here. It further confirms what anyone paying close attention already knew: as the challenges grow larger, Donald Trump is shrinking by the hour. At this rate Trump could end up being a completely empty shell by the election. He’s also worried about “the extent to which history will blame him.” People thinking in those terms are usually near the end of their own rope.

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