Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally suffers exceedingly low turnout; Trump campaign makes up hilarious excuse

Donald Trump bragged that more than a million people had supposedly requested tickets for his Tulsa rally. His campaign even went so far as to set up huge overflow areas outside the 19,000 seat arena, in order to accommodate as many people as possible. Here’s the thing, though: remarkably few people have shown up.

Cable news networks are showing overhead shots of the exterior rally stages, and there’s no one there. CNN says that Donald Trump and Mike Pence were scheduled to come out and speak on the overflow stage, but this has been canceled, because there’s no one to speak to. Inside the arena, things aren’t looking great either.

As of right now, the lower bowl of the arena is mostly full, but the upper bowl is mostly empty. It’s not clear how many additional people might still be filtering in. But in comparison to the expectations that the Trump campaign created, this rally is a total bust.

Just how bad is it? According to MSNBC, the Trump campaign is already making up asinine excuses for the poor attendance, blaming imaginary “radical protesters” for chasing away the hordes of Trump fans who supposedly tried to attend the rally. Of course no mentally competent person is going to believe such drivel, but in reality the Trump campaign is merely trying to convince an increasingly senile Donald Trump that millions of people tried to come and hear him bloviate.

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