Everything is falling apart in real time

The devil eats his own children, and this is what’s to be expected of Trump in his final days. The shell company set up by Kushner to pay Trump & Co. is going to focus a lot of attention on the grifting. Russia has now hacked into our country, and Trump’s BFF, Putin, has his fingerprints all over it. Trump’s Pentagon minions are doing anything they want as long as the promise of pardons flows like Mardi Gras beads. All of this is shocking, but it makes perfect sense. When you’ve had thirty years of propaganda telling Republican lawmakers that it’s party over country, how can one expect them to defend the US? They won’t. The notion doesn’t even occur to them while they drape themselves in the flag and lie about their love for country.

But the end is nigh. Though these loyalists are acting on the dangle of a pardon, they are too stupid to see that Trump will devour any and all in order to save himself. He will even turn on Ivanka. Things are getting hairy right now and will only continue to do so until January 20th.

The hacking by Russia, the Pentagon shutting out the Biden administration, the shelved vaccines from Pfizer are all just the beginning of a breathless amount of criming. It will get worse. Until they take the football away from Trump, it’s going to be a nail biter and our only salvation is these grifters are too stupid not to understand they are just waiting in line for Trump to throw them under the bus.

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