Everyone piles on after senile idiot Donald Trump claims he “beat Obama 4 years ago”

Donald Trump isn’t just a criminal and a deranged maniac. He’s also a shrinking idiot whose cognitive abilities are increasingly coming into question. Trump did himself no favors tonight when he appeared to assert that he ran against President Obama four years ago. No, really.

Here’s what Trump tweeted: “We beat Obama 4 years ago, he worked harder than Crooked Hillary, and we’ll do it again!” Okay, so he’s referencing Hillary Clinton somewhere in there, and maybe he’s trying to point out that President Obama campaigned for Hillary. But Trump isn’t exactly known for those kinds of complex thoughts. And within the context of his worsening cognitive failures, this sounds a lot like Trump believes he ran against Obama four years ago.

This set off such a furor that the phrases “Beat Obama” and “Obama 4” began trending on Twitter, as everyone piled on about how stupid Donald Trump’s tweet sounded. Has he gotten so bad at trying to put a sentence together, he ended up saying something he didn’t intend to? Is he hallucinating? Is he drunk? Is he just that senile?

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