Even Russia says Donald Trump is lying about Baghdadi

When the news surfaced that Donald Trump had ordered a U.S. military operation that had taken out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, it raised a rather obvious question: how can you kill a guy who’s already been dead for two years? Now even Russia is directly accusing the Trump regime of having faked the whole thing.

Numerous media outlets reported in 2017 that Baghdadi had been killed in a bombing. In the two years since, no one had heard a peep from Baghdadi, and it was clear that he wasn’t running ISIS on any level, seemingly giving credence to the reports that he was deceased. Terrorist leaders don’t just retire from their terrorist group, right?

After Trump made his announcement today, and inexplicably thanked Russia for its supposed role in the raid, Russia fired back and said that it had no idea what Trump was talking about. The Russian Defense Ministry even went so far as to mock Trump for making “yet another” claim that Baghdadi had been killed.

Based on its track record, we have no reason to believe anything that Russia is saying about this raid. But based on his track record, we have no reason to believe anything that Donald Trump is saying about the raid either. If Russia isn’t willing to back up the story being told by its own puppet Trump, it suggests that Russia expects Trump’s story to unravel soon, and Russia doesn’t want to get stuck looking foolish when it does.

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