Even Judge Cannon is hanging Donald Trump out to dry on his way down

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Well, well, well. Turns out the kitten DOES have claws — where Donald Trump is concerned. Judge Cannon has banned Donald Trump from using a SCIF to read classified documents. As you know, that was the absurd plan Trump came up with. Cannon cited her concerns about national security in her decision.

And she went one step further. She reiterated Trump could face criminal penalties if he breaks the rules. Is it possible? Has Judge Cannon become — gulp — NORMAL? I would not go that far. But perhaps Cannon’s been studying the other Judges a bit and is getting tired of all the criticism lobbed her way.

In any event, this news was hardly what Donald Trump wanted to hear. These last few weeks have been particularly bad for the orange dumpling haven’t they? One thing after another. No wonder he’s been even more of a babbling mess than usual this week.

In any event — Judge Cannon has filed a protective order and ruled against him, and by tonight (perhaps late, late tonight), another shrieking diatribe should be on the way. It is really happening, people.

What I mean by that is that Trump’s luck has run out. Luck is a strange thing. For some people, luck has been with them from birth. These people scoop luck up constantly, flippantly, convinced that the lucky spoon they were born with will be with them always.

But when they lose even a small portion of that luck — it’s like a spell being broken — and it’s not long before the rest of it follows. One would be amazed at how quickly a little luck can crumble.

Trump’s luck, his secret weapon, is gone, baby gone. It left him in little chunks at first, but then — quicker than we could say “down and out.” whoosh! It was all gone. Trump is now down and out — out of luck. And he’d better get used to it. Because next week and the week after and the week after THAT — look no luckier for him.

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