Even further off the deep end than we thought

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As the 2024 election draws closer, Republicans are becoming a bit unglued. This is because of one issue. Like a particularly stubborn virus, it refuses to leave their systems. It simultaneously terrifies them and angers them. That subject is abortion.

In recent weeks, the GOP’s terror of this particular issue has seemed to come full circle. And they STILL have no idea how to deal with it. You see, friends and readers, abortion for years was a great cause for the GOP! They could fund-raise off that word; they could use it in fake speeches.

But they never actually expected Roe to fall. Not at all. Only it did. And women turned on them. And now they have no idea what they’re supposed to do. Some Republicans are trying to pivot away from the term “Pro-life.” More and more Republicans are saying they’re pro-baby instead!

That’s a laugh. Republicans are pro-nobody unless they’re big, fat, rich donors with lots of MONEY. But more and more polls are coming out saying American women are furious at the Grand old party. The GOP has all but lost the suburban female vote. What’s a woman-hating party to do?

15 weeks! That is the reported new number the GOP has settled on. Just 15 weeks! We’re really not against abortion — we just want a ban at 15 weeks! Yes, this appears to be their new talking point.

It won’t work. Nobody believes the GOP. Remember how, for YEARS and years, they said it was up to the states? The fact is the GOP has no core beliefs about anything. They make it up as they go along. They’re desperate to win, desperate to find power again.

No words from them can be trusted, so what we will have to do is say: “Ohio, lend me your ears.” “Wisconsin lend me your ears.”

See, it’s OUR job to amplify the Democratic message — that WE are the party of choice, of honor, of keeping our word. The GOP’s word is no good, not good for anything or anybody but especially not for women.

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