Even Fox News thinks Donald Trump is circling the drain

The only people more delusional than Donald Trump are those who continue to support him. Both CNN and Fox have released polls showing a decrease in Trump’s job approval numbers. In CNN’s poll, his approval rating stands at 40%. According to CNN, this is the first drop in his approval rating in months, as their April 25 poll had Trump holding steady at 43% (like that’s so great). CNN attributes Trump’s recent drop to the widening perception that the economy will soon implode.

Trump’s former favorite channel Fox “News” also conducted a poll this week. Though they are more generous with Trump, even the Fox poll reveals that his disapproval rating has jumped to 56%. He is getting dangerously close to Fox’s record high disapproval of 57%, which occurred in October of 2017. While it’s not a good idea to stake too much on any one poll, multiple polls showing similar results can be telling. Trump, of course, uses these numbers to threaten that if he isn’t reelected, the economy “will go down the tubes.” Such a high opinion of himself. Apparently, much of America doesn’t agree with him. As reported by Palmer Report, neither do economists.

CNN says that one third of all economists expect the economy to enter a recession in 2020. Those beliefs are based on Trump’s tariff wars, as well as high budget deficits, which continue to worsen under Trump’s woefully inept “leadership.” He is no leader, and that is showing in every way.

Looking at the Fox poll, 59% of voters believe Trump is “tearing the country apart.” In a way, that’s low, but when you look at the delusional 31% who believe he is “drawing the country together,” that number makes sense. Who in their right mind sees anything that Trump does as drawing this country together? He’s drawing the white supremacists together, but that’s about it. The number in Fox’s poll that will have Trump tweeting “fake news” is the record number of men who disapprove of Trump: 53%. Even 46% of white men disapprove โ€“ and the most telling demographic, independents, currently stands at 64%.

As reported earlier by Palmer Report, the Fox poll also shows Trump being beaten by at least four Democratic candidates: Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Harris. Trump has also lost much of the non-college educated white people who helped to contaminate the White House with his presence, by voting for him over Clinton by a margin of 66% to 29%. That number has waned drastically, with the Fox poll showing him leading over Warren by 18%, which is his best performance in that portion of the poll.

Just think, if these numbers continue at this pace, we will have a realistic shot of getting Trump out of the White House โ€“ and hopefully into jail where he belongs. New York State is merely waiting for him to lose. By now, we know Trump well. He comes up with crazy, ridiculous things to distract us, such as his claim that he is “the chosen one.” Yes, he is โ€“ chosen least likely to succeed. 440 days left. Let’s escort Trump out of the White House and into the shackles waiting for him in New York.

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